No two cases are the same, so are rates are based on your needs.

We offer a wide range of professional and confidential services to clients, including clearing the energy of past tenants, divorce ,foreclosure, death,   domestic violence, infidelity and marital issues,  corporate investigations as well as providing detailed reports and obtained evidence. Our agency provides services for legal firms, private citizens and businesses & corporations. Providing quality results in a timely fashion.

Let us be your total solution provider for identifying, clearing, and maintaining, your Real Estate dreams and when all else fails.

Programs can include any combination of coordination of investigations, fact finding, due diligence, and energetic audits, for your Real Estate , home or office, and your personal energy field. We have a team of intuitive and paranormal investigators ready to support you.

When you have a need for an investigative agency that can deliver, please call on the Energetic Detective Agency. We look forward to providing you with the investigative energetic services you require. No case is too small, too large or too difficult!

Rates Starts at as little as $20.00 per Day

Please contact us at 714-389-9206 for a quote


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